Saturday, March 24, 2012

Song of the Week: Bitter, Drunk and Cold

Our friends, The Far West, have just released their first video. It's the lead single from their self titled debut album called, "Bitter Drunk and Cold." This song evokes the early sixties Bakersfield sound of country's golden age. The steel guitar work really shines in this song and Lee Briante's voice is perfectly suited for this "me against the world" lament. The video was shot as an homage to early sixties variety shows like The Johnny Cash Show and The Porter Wagoner Show. Lee and bassist Rob Black give a nifty behind the scenes interview about the video on the site No Depression. Although the song is called "Bitter, Drunk and Cold" it will leave you feeling happy, warm and well, the rest is up to you.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Family Notes

Check it out! Family Album just received a wonderful review on They gave special praise to Cousin JD's vocals on "Judy My Dear." They said, "The song "Yes" has a cool vibe reminiscent of the best duets of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw." And they called "Peas Porridge Cold" "country gold." We couldn't be more excited! Thanks to BJ and the good folks over at The Chart. We feel your love and we're sending some right back!
Also this week, our album went live on Earbits online radio. For all our techie fans, you can check us out here.
Thanks for all the emails and support. We love all of our fans and love getting your emails. Keep 'em coming!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Album of the Week: Dance In The Sun by The Deadfields

There's some great music coming out of North Carolina lately. (Hopefuly that takes some of the sting out of Duke's loss to Lehigh!) We've already shared NC bands The Great Unknowns and Possum Jenkins with you. Now meet The Deadfields. If their debut album, Dance in the Sun, doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will. With Alabama-inspired vocal harmonies and richly textured and uptempo melodies like Jake Owen at his giddiest, Dance in the Sun is a modern, countrified, Ode to Joy. Maybe that's because half the songs are about love. Not lust, not love gone wrong, but full on, swept out of your senses, even when it's wrong it's right, LOVE. In "Be Your Fool" they sing, "If I ain't all that, and you won't call me your man, well girl that's cool. I'll be your fool." Even the bad times and mistakes are redeemed by love. In "Into Your Arms" they sing, "every turn that I missed, I thought it was a waste of my time. But falling down was a gift, somehow showing me the way...into your arms." The love fest continues with the clever "Lay the Blame" and the sweet "Dandelions," and culminates in "We Stick Together." Avoiding cliches (both lyrically and musically) The Deadfields plumb the often mined territories of love and come out with gold where so many others come out with coal. They then turn their sights on those other two sources of joy: home and alcohol. In "Carolina Backroads" and "Where I'm From" they celebrate the small town joys of their Carolina home. In "Gasoline" and the 'wish I'd thought of that' "Liquor Ain't So Hard" they put the shine in moonshine. Singing, "Tonight I'm dreaming of those low country breezes and ol' summer evenings where the livin's easy and the liqour ain't so hard." Indeed, this album is the perfect nightcap to a perfect day of dancing in the sun.

Monday, March 19, 2012

UPDATE: Missing Girl Found

If any of our readers are in the North Carolina area, please keep an eye out for Miss. Autumn Nance. She's been missing for two days. This notice was originally posted on IMCA's site and we want to share it here as well. Every pair of eyes on the lookout helps!

The Greensboro Police have reported that Autumn has been found and reunited with her family. No other details were reported in the story. But thanks to everyone who helped post this notice and expressed support!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Song of the Week: Song of Ireland by Eddie Rabbitt

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're changing up our normal song of the week routine and featuring a classic from Eddie Rabbitt. No leprechauns, no stereotypes, just a wonderful tribute to the Emerald Isle. Enjoy and Erin go Bragh!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Album of the Week: Hard Times and Alcohol by Rae Rae

Rae Rae's debut album, Hard Times and Alcohol, starts off with a double shot (make that a triple) of smokin' country blues. With a "Miranda Lambert meets Reckless Kelly" combination of attitude and reckless abandon, Rae Rae pours her heart and soul in every drink, I mean song, she serves up. I'm not sure which of the five stages of grief is the "passing out at the bar" stage, but Rae Rae begins her story there in "Hard Times and Alcohol." Singing, "I'm the fool to blame for why I feel this way, but now I've got the remedy," she makes it clear that she's seen her share of hard times. Between rounds, she takes time out in "Mama Hold On" to promise her mother that no matter how bad things have been, there will be better times ahead. She finishes whatever is left in the bottle on the rave up, "Drunk Drunk." After the alcohol wears off (or runs out) Rae Rae sobers up and faces the hard times that remain. Realizing the futility of looking for answers at the bottom of a glass, Rae Rae has a clearer and, occasionally optimistic, assessment of where life has led her. Sitll wrestling with relationships in songs like, "Love and Hate," "Tougher on You," and the beautifully poignant, "93 in November," she nevertheless finds the inner strength to face life's challenges head on - and that strength shines through in her voice. Like the characters in her song, "Heroes Try," she comes to realize that "people often fail, but heroes try." With her strong, emotionally compelling voice and her honest lyrics, Rae Rae doe more than just try, she succeeds.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're on YouTube

Hey y'all, we just put up our very first, and very rough, attempt at a video for our song Blue Collar King. We'll try to add a few more in the near future as we get to them. In the meantime, those of you in our extanded family with camcorders and computers, feel free to create your own video version of Blue Collar King. Send us a copy or send us a link and we'll post it here!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Album of the Week: LONG RIDE HOME by Darrell Scott

Long Ride Home is the perfect name for Darrell Scott's new album. Listening to it makes you feel right at home, at over an hour in length it's certainly long, and along the way it's one hell of a ride. From the "Sunday Morning,Coming Down," feel of "It Must Be Sunday" to the ragtime inspired, "Still Got A Ways To Go," and at all points in between Darrel Scott blends his expert musicianship with masterful storytelling to create an immensely satisfying musical experience. Blending the syles and influences of fellow troubadors Buck Owens, Guy Clark, and Joe Ely, Darrell delivers track after track of earnest, musical poetry. With expert phrasing (both musically and lyrically) Darrell is able to take a mundane scene like the parking lot of a local bar and turn it into a scene from a Tennessee Williams play. With a vocal assist from Guy Clark, "Out in the Parking Lot" transforms a nightly event into high theater. Darrell shows off his playful side too in "No Use Living For Today" singing, "There's no use living for today, well today was once tomorrow and today's tomorrow's yesterday." And that playful side is part of what distinguishes Darrell from so many other singer/songwriters. He avoids the trap of many of his peers of just writing in shades of blue. Although the blues are well represented here with songs like "The Country Boy" and "Candle for a Cowoby;" Darrell paints with a full palette, fleshing out his blues with shades of burnt orange, magenta and many others to capture the full range of emotions. Even when he's telling a tragic story, it's with the remembrance of good times that came before and a hope for the good times that might yet come again. This theme is perfectly summed up in "Still Got a Ways to Go," which starts off with the bluesy lament that "It's been some hard living and I still got a ways to go," but soon gives way to the awareness that, "I look outside at this beautiful day, the sun is shining, lighting up my way. I got to get out of here and get me a fishing pole." And so life goes, filled with ups and downs on the long ride home to our maker; but along the way we can be thankful that Darrell Scott has provided a wonderful soundtrack for that ride.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CMT Highlights New Country Talent

CMT has a nice feature on some up and coming country artists who have decided to brave the mean streets of Nashville and leave their mark on the town. As you know, we try to keep you posted on new country bands and singers around here as well. We also like to pay attention to bands outside of Nashville like Holly Renee Allen in Virginia and The Far West in California and the Casey Donahew Band in Texas. Wherever you find them, keep supporting new Country Music artists!