Friday, September 16, 2011

On the Road Again With Steel Magnolia

Our friends at The Boot have a great ongoing life-on-the-road series featuring Joshua Scott Jones of Steel Magnolias. In his latest installment Joshua talks about the perks and pitfalls of a travelling band. After a show in Kansas City, he was treated to an exclusive after show party at local honky tonk (complete with mechanical bull) PBR.
But more often than not, the road stories include the long bus rides, changing planes, checking in and out of hotel rooms, etc. No wonder there are so many wisftul country songs about being on the road. It's funny, as the youngest member of our band I haven't had that much road experience. But my cousins/bandmates have shared their horror stories with me (Including the one about being stiffed by a club owner after a show and not having enough money for a hotel that night.) It makes me understand why my partners were willing to give up touring. It also makes me wonder why bands are willing to put themselves through the gruelling realities of life on the road. Then I remember - it's all about the music!

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