Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tell Alan Jackson to "Free" Mineral, VA

I wrote before about how Alan Jackson found a unique way to connect with his fans through his "Demand It" concert promotion. Basically, towns not on Jackson's tour schedule could go to his website and cast votes to receive a free concert from Alan. Well with only two weeks to go in the voting, the town of Mineral, VA is in the lead with nearly three times as many votes as the second place town. Problem is, Alan Jackson's team has put stipulations on the "free" concert. The winning town must meet Jackson's production requirements and find a venue that can hold 1,000 to 3,000 people. For most towns that wouldn't be a problem. But Mineral was recently hit by a devasting and rare 5.5 magnitude earthquake. Schools and other public buildings have been destroyed or badly damaged. If Mineral wins, they may not have the facility to meet Jackson's requirements. However, I suspect that Alan Jackson wanted to offer this promotion to reach out to his fans, not alienate them over a technicality. So if you have a moment, please go to "Demand It" and cast a vote for Mineral, VA. Then go to Alan's homepage and put a note in the forum asking Alan to do his part to reward the fan loyalty of the people of Mineral (and maybe even help them rebuild.)

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