Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jason Aldean shares back to school memories

CMT online has a short article with Jason Aldean sharing some of his back to school memories. He talks about wearing boots to school and talking to friends about the hit country songs of summer. He goes on to say that he doesn't write songs to change the world, but songs to capture a feeling - like the feeling of being a teen and going back to school in the fall. My bandmate, Cousin JD, has a back to school memory that he carries with him to this day. Although he tells people his nickname stands for Jack Daniels, it really comes from when he was too young to drink. On his first day of school in Jr. high he showed up with a John Deere hat. Before the day was over, no one knew his real name, but everybody called him John Deere. By October, it was shortened to just JD, and the name's been with him ever since. For those of you going back to school today (or have kids going back) I wish you all a day full of wonderful memories and a happy and healthy new school year. If you have any favorite school memories, please feel free to email me or just shar them below.

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