Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lady Anti-Bellum

There's a nice article on about Lady Antebellum and their new album, Own the Night. In the article Kelley, Hillary, and Dave discuss the hazards of overnight success (and the years it takes to build up to "overnight success")They actually brought in a conflict mediator to help them hash out some of their disagreements. Lucikily, Family Reunion is an extended family so our disagreements can be heated, but we're always willing to work them out because we know there's no escaping family. Usually when we have creative differences over a song, we'll just record it two (or more) ways and let the band and other family members vote on which one they like best. We used that democratic method for our song, YES, and a few months later it's really hard to remember what the differences were in the first place. Lady Antebellum's new song "Just a Kiss" has already raced to number one on the country charts - and that'll go a long way toward healing any disagreements!

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