Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Charlie Daniels stars in Stars for Stripes benefit

Charlie Daniels, Chris Young, and Darryl Worley (whose 2003 hit, "Have You Forgotten" provided the theme for the event) played Nashville's The Palm for Charlie's annual Stars for Stripes benefit concert. Stars for Stripes is an nonprofit that sends entertainers to perform for troops stationed overseas. Sometimes in remote, and very hostile regions overseas. Charlie Daniels tells about one performance he gave in Balad, Iraq. "There were people on the ground shooting at us with small arms and a rocket propelled grenade. I didn't think it was real. I thought it was an exercise and our guys were practicing. It looked like fireworks." So you know this isn't just a PR photo op for these performers. This is something they truly believe in. In addition to saluting our troops. Charlie, Chris, and Darryl also paid tribute to John and Jan Vigiano, who lost two sons on the day of the World Trade Center attacks, and Lt. Jason Redman, a former Navy Seal who has started his own nonprofit organization,, which provides clothing to wounded vets. Once again, I am proud to be part of the country music community when I hear stories like this. It makes me proud to live In America!

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