Friday, September 9, 2011

Keith Urban Likes Freedom (and tattoos)

Closing out this week of remembrance and patriotism, I thought it would be nice to end on a light note. Above, Keith Urban shares his thoughts behind his first tattoo (an American Eagle.) Funny that someone from Australia can appreciate the freedoms that this country has to offer when so many of our own people seem to take it for granted. Please don't forget that the 9/11 attacks were committed by Muslim extremists who wanted to stifle our freedom to think and act differently from them. So I thank God for our brave men and women in uniform who are willing to fight to protect our freedoms. If you see any military, police, or firemen this weekend, let them know how much you appreciate the proctections they offer. Enjoy your freedoms and allow others to enjoy theirs. And if you freely choose to get a tattoo this weekend, send me a pic if you care to share!

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