Friday, March 16, 2012

Album of the Week: Hard Times and Alcohol by Rae Rae

Rae Rae's debut album, Hard Times and Alcohol, starts off with a double shot (make that a triple) of smokin' country blues. With a "Miranda Lambert meets Reckless Kelly" combination of attitude and reckless abandon, Rae Rae pours her heart and soul in every drink, I mean song, she serves up. I'm not sure which of the five stages of grief is the "passing out at the bar" stage, but Rae Rae begins her story there in "Hard Times and Alcohol." Singing, "I'm the fool to blame for why I feel this way, but now I've got the remedy," she makes it clear that she's seen her share of hard times. Between rounds, she takes time out in "Mama Hold On" to promise her mother that no matter how bad things have been, there will be better times ahead. She finishes whatever is left in the bottle on the rave up, "Drunk Drunk." After the alcohol wears off (or runs out) Rae Rae sobers up and faces the hard times that remain. Realizing the futility of looking for answers at the bottom of a glass, Rae Rae has a clearer and, occasionally optimistic, assessment of where life has led her. Sitll wrestling with relationships in songs like, "Love and Hate," "Tougher on You," and the beautifully poignant, "93 in November," she nevertheless finds the inner strength to face life's challenges head on - and that strength shines through in her voice. Like the characters in her song, "Heroes Try," she comes to realize that "people often fail, but heroes try." With her strong, emotionally compelling voice and her honest lyrics, Rae Rae doe more than just try, she succeeds.

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  1. Honest Raw and refreshing!! I love every track..We need more of this kind oh honesty in the Music Industry coming from the singer songwriter/Artist..Gives inspiration to new and up coming Artists from all walks of life..Looking forward to more from Rae Rae !!!