Friday, May 11, 2012

Album of the Week: Tired Eyes by The Washers

From the first guitar notes of "Good Ol' Days" it's clear that The Washers' new album, Tired Eyes is not your typical Country album. It is unashamedly as much Rock as it is Country. Like the delicious taste combination that is a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, The Washers have combined two great musical tastes into one tasty piece of ear candy. From the Black Crowes' influenced "Everybody But Me" and the soaring guitars of "Good Ol' Days" to the down home "Couple Extra Dollars" and the unplugged "Park Light, Drive," The Washers move confortably and competently from crunchy guitar chords to melodic banjo lines. Much like Old 97s and Reckless Kelly, The Washers straddle that line between alt-country and roots rock with spledid precision. Splitting time between Country and Rock might leave some bands feeling like they're dancing with two left feet. But in the song, "Two Left Feet," The Washers sing, "I've got two left feet and they're bound to take me somewhere, take me to a place I've never known. Yea these two left feet sure did see a lot of dark days, but I'm proud to say I'm standing on my own." However you try to label them, they definitely stand on their own. Whether you're a country fan or a rock fan, if you like brilliant guitar work and catchy melodies you need to check out the Washers.

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