Friday, September 28, 2012

Song of the Week: Queen of the Minor Key

Queen of the Minor Key by Ellen Jewell is a great rockabilly rave up to get you started on your weekend. Sounding a little like Patsy Cline sings Gene Vincent, Queen of the Minor Key will take you back to music's unscripted past where the lines between rock and country were easily blurred. Ellen Jewell is a time-warping, genre-bending siren who defies description. Like Southern Culture on the Skids, Ellen combines elements of rockabilly, surf music, jazz and traditional country to create a whole that's larger than the sum of the parts. This song is from her album of the same name which was released over a year ago. It was brought to our attention by Brite Revolution Records, who have just released a killer Americana sampler. The best part is that it's free! So check out Ellen Jewell, Darrell Scott, The Trishas and a host of other great bands - I gurantee you'll find something you like! Then do yourself a favor and go buy one of their albums. As for us, we're starting with Queen of the Minor Key by Ellen Jewell!

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