Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Best of 2014
2014 was another great year for indie and alt-Country music! Here are our picks for best of the year:

1. Any Day Now by The Far West:   Pure Americana: straight, no chaser
2. Remember This by Nudie:    Talented Canadian troubadour

3. Gone Places by Scott Hrabko: Brilliant lyrics with a bluesy backbeat
4. Most Messed Up by Old 97s:  Puts the “Alt” in Alt-Country
5. Single Mothers by  Justin Townes Earle:  Heartfelt Country Blues
6. Built to Break by Ronnie Fauss:  Fine Alt-Rock/Country blend
7. One For The Pain In My Heart by Pirates Canoe: Eclectic Japanicana
8. Let It Ride by The Nickel Slots:  Crunchy, guitar laden rockabilly
9. OH/KY by  Jeremy Pinnell:  A true Merle Haggard disciple

10. Hillbillies & Holy Rollers by  Jason D Williams:  Jerry Lee Lewis’ son carries on the torch
Worthy of Note EPs
You Used To Live Here by Kelley Mickwee:  A modern “Dusty in Memphis”
Justine by Liz Frame & The Kickers:  A Sultry, velvet-voiced siren
Well, that's it for 2014. And sadly, that's it for us on this here blog. But don't panic, our very own Cousin JD (aka Brian Rock) will still be discovering and sharing the best in new Country and Americana over at our good friends Turnstyled Junkpiled starting in 2015. Hope to see y'all there! Merry Christmas and Happy New Music to everyone!

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