Monday, April 16, 2012

Album of the Week: Rocketbuster by Wylie and the Wild West

Sorry for the light blogging around here lately. We've been doing interviews and sending out TONS of emails (how much does an email weigh anyway?) to help promote voting for our 3 ICMA Award nominations for Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Country Band. But we haven't forgotten about y'all. We'll start getting back to normal around here soon. To help get us back on track, here's an album we'd like to share with y'all..

Wylie and the Wild West saddle up for another Western-inspired rockabilly rodeo on Rocketbuster. Wylie and company mix it up with rockin' country, texas swing, campfire ballads and of course, Wylie's trademark yodel. The album sprinkles in touches of humor with "Yo Yo Ma" and the sad-but-true "Ugly Girl Blues" (Here I sit devasted, my libido derailed and my ego deflated. I got no where to go, an ugly girl told me no.) The track "Willing Horse" is the best of the slower tempo songs; a gentle, cautionary tale for those who want everything and want it now, and perhaps for those who love them as well (You're asking too much, you're pushing too hard, you're never satisfied. Baby you're gonna ride that willin' horse to death.)But Wylie and the talented Wild West really shine when they kick it into high gear, as on the album's first two tracks. "Buck Up and Huck It" is a high octane rockabilly number that recalls the best of Webb Wilder. The song (and title) are a reminder to "man up" and face your troubles head on. A lesson we all need to hear from time to time. "5 Days to Friday" is another get up out of your seat and dance tune. With a steady blues backbeat and rollicking piano, it will help you count down the days til the weekend in style. But no matter where you are on your weekend countdown, Rocketbuster is sure to give you a little lift to help you "Buck Up and Huck It" and make it through the week.

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