Monday, April 16, 2012

Song of the Week: Bread on the Table by Exile

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For this week's featured song, we were excited to learn that Exile had released their first studio work in 15 years! So of course, that made our decision easy. "Bread on the Table" is the lead song on their new EP, People Get Ready. It is a cajun influenced uptempo country rocker that brings to mind "Shake Me Up" era Little Feat. It's a working man tribute to all of us who are working hard each day just to put a little "bread on the table." Singing from the heart of middle America, they declare, "Momma needs a break, baby's got the flu, trying to stretch a paycheck just to make due. Gotta pay the rent, forget about the cable, it's hard enough putting bread on the table." So if we have to work hard to make ends meet, we may as well have a happy song to sing while we're at it, "Bread on the Table" is the perfect "whistle while you work" song to help get you through.
Ordinarily we don't review EPs here; however, we feel the need to point out that the rest of this EP is very good. The remainder of songs slide into that easy, soulful, yet firmly country groove that they made famous with "Kiss You All Over." In fact, this EP was released in response to the positive reaction they got from their re-release of "Kiss You All Over" with Trace Adkins late last year. I hope this EP continues the positive reaction from the single. I'd love to see Exile come out of exile and grace us with another full length album!

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