Tuesday, July 22, 2014

EP Review: Justine by Liz Frame & The Kickers

I love Liz Frame’s voice. It’s the perfect combination of the velvet-wrapped sultriness of Margo Timmins (of Cowboy Junkies) and the earnest, yet vulnerable directness of Emmylou Harris. She showcases that wonderful voice, with the help of her band – The Kickers, on their new EP, Justine.

The four songs on this EP play like a musical confession. In “A Good Day To Say Goodbye,” Liz sings, “Look at that pretty tear running down your cheek. It don’t make you weak, it just makes you sad. ‘Cause loving me’s gotta feel like a losing streak. I’m just a freak who don’t know what she had.” Unlike the singers of most break up songs, Liz places the blame squarely on herself.

 In the title song, “Justine,” Liz reveals a possible backstory for the first song. Singing, “My name is Justine. This old life has been mean. Well it’s poisoned my momma and it’s scared off my dad. It’s made me feel guilty for not feeling bad.” Whether justifying her heartbreaking actions or just explaining them, she at least offers a reason.

But of course, those who play with others’ hearts soon lose their own. In “I Don’t Wanna Let You Go,” Liz (or her alter ego, Justine) faces that moment of truth. With a beautiful, breathy chorus, Liz pleads for love to stay.

Finally in the bluesy, “The Secrets I’ve Been Keeping,” Liz completes her musical confession. Singing, “I’m going to lay my burdens down,” she comes to realize that the truth will indeed make you free. By facing her past, she if free to overcome it.

Justine is a great, if short, musical drama. The kickers lend the perfect musical background for the story to unfold. The band is able to capture the full emotional range of Liz’s voice and lyrics. Moving from sultry to defiant to contrite, the band keeps perfect rhythm with the ebb and flow of Liz’s lyrical landscape.

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