Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Album Review: Let It Ride by The Nickel Slots


The Nickel Slots bring their DIY attitude and work ethic to their third full length release. “Let It Ride” is a perfect blend of Alt Country and Alt Rock. Part Old 97s, part Warren Zevon, the Nickel Slots champion the independent spirit of many of the best musical mavericks from both Country and Rock.

The self-titled lead track begins with a great, crunchy guitar riff and pounding drums. Singing, “Five o’clock shadow in a smoky room, I’ve got a cocktail on the way so let it ride,” the band begins this musical ride with punch and power. And once they start, they never let off the gas.

“One Foot in the Gutter” keeps the uptempo pace rolling, but this time with a more Country feel – like Dwight Yokam on speed. “On the Wall” is another great, rockin’ song with a fun sing along (drink along) chorus. They add a touch of Irish folk-punk on “Dry Town.” Then they finish up with the blistering Outlaw Country number “Club Rendezvous.”

In between there are irresistible grooves and melodies at every turn. It’s one of those albums that’s impossible to listen to without moving your feet and tapping your toes. And even when they downshift on songs like, “Hush,” they still bring a sense of power through the strong vocals and lyrics. They sing, “Hold on to the sounds, hold on to the noise, ‘cause bones turn to dust and doubt it destroys. And landfills are chock full of old memories. Everybody must live through the silence. Everybody must cope with the hush.” There’s no sentimentality. There’s no regret or longing for the past. Through the characters that populate their songs, there’s just the sense that sometimes life brings rainbows, sometimes it just brings rain. Either way, life goes on and the best you can do is make the most of the hand your dealt and just Let It Ride.

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