Friday, August 22, 2014

Album Review: Dirty Little Secrets by Breelan Angel

Nashville has a new rising star in Breelan Angel. Her debut CD, “Dirty Little Secrets,” will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the Modern Country charts. Part Tanya Tucker and part Kacey Musgraves (another new artist to keep an eye on!) Breelan sings with sass and swagger.

From the first words of the rousing, “Walk of Shame” to the last notes of the tender “One More Song,” Breelan sings with confidence and passion. Her music is filled with lots of radio friendly chords and choruses, with some nice texture added by the occasional banjo and fiddle accompaniment.

But the star of the show is always Breelan’s voice and lyrics. She shows of her Texas sized temper in “Walk of Shame” singing, “Your ruby red lips and that cheap tan are about to meet the back side of my right hand.” Then she turns introspective in the drinking to forget song, “Halfway to Wasted.” Singing “Every shot is like a bullet to a memory,” she takes aim to shoot down the memories of an ex flame. And in “One More Song,” Breelan plays fly-on-the-wall to observe with honesty and sympathy a woman who wants, “one more song ‘cause when that music stops, she’ll be going home alone”

Throughout the CD, Breelan explores the ins and outs of love, and in the end she reveals that love’s “dirty little secret,” is that it doesn’t play fair and it doesn’t play by any rules. And after listening to her first album, I predict that Breelan Angel’s talent won’t be a secret much longer.

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