Friday, November 18, 2011

Song of the Week: Coming Down by Mud, Blood, and Beer

Somewhere between alternative and alt-country lies an alternative alternative. Not quite country, not quite rock, but definitely influenced by both. Mud, Blood and Beer, like Uncle Tupelo and Wilco before them, falls into this musical shadowland. "Coming Down," the first song on their new EP, Gone For Good, is a perfect example of this genreless genre. Like a mash-up of Old 97s and the Meat Puppets, this song breaks the laws of even outlaw country. With hypnotically rhythmic guitar work and obscure lyrics ("I do believe insanity is wasted on the youth,") "Coming Down" creates more of a mood than a story. Like a scene from a movie, this song makes you feel like you're riding through the wilderness trying to keep one step ahead of the law (or your own personal demons.) You don't know how the story's going to end, you just know it's one hell of a ride!

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