Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Album of the Week: DAMAGED GOODS by Hellbound Glory

As 2012 kicks into gear, Hellbound Glory get set to kick some more rear. Their third album, Damaged Goods, is a take-no-prisoners set of high energy outlaw country. Like the original outlaw country artists, Waylon, Willie, and David Allen Coe, Hellbound Glory do things their own way and don't much care for rules. But unlike the original outlaws whose central message was, "I'm gonna do wrong, and if I hurt you in the process I'm sorry." Hellbound Glory's message is, "I'm gonna do wrong - deal with it!" With the first track on Damaged Goods, "Bastard Child," they let you know where they stand: "I was born a bastard child, but I wear it with no shame. For any good or bad I've done, I'll take the credit and the blame." And again in "Til The Lights Go Out," they warn you that, "This ain't my first fight in a bar parking lot." Listening to this album, that's easy to believe. Clearly no strangers to hard living, their songs paint a bleak picture of life on society's bottom rung. There are no happy endings in songs like, "Knocked Off The Horse," "Better Hope You Die Young," and "Gonna Be A Goner." In each of these songs death becomes a more attractive option than living in despair. But despite the somber lyrics, the music is full of energy and attitude; as if death itself is just another barroom fight. Listening to Damaged Goods might not make you a better person, but it will certainly make you feel thankful that you're better off than some. And it will definitely keep your toe tapping along the way.

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