Friday, January 13, 2012

Song of the Week: Fancy Drinkin Time by JP & The Gilberts

Here's some good luck for this Friday the 13th! This week's featured song is "Fancy Drinkin Time" by JP & The Gilberts. It's a manic, accordian driven (that's right, I said accordian driven) ode to everyone's favorite afterwork pastime. The first lines of the song tell you everything you need to know: "Make me a drink with a cucumber in it; throw in some mash, shake the s*** out of it. I'm doin fine, 'cause it's fancy drinkin time!" The band backs up the lyrics by playing like a Margaritaville blender set on high. Try listening to this song without tapping your feet - it can't be done! JP's voice makes the song even more memorable with his wonderfully nasal, Willie Nelson like voice. Once you've drunk your share of this song, do yourself a favor and check out the rest of this album. It's brilliant, stripped down, low-fi country that's too country for radio. The band describes itself as "folk, old time, honky tonk, twang, alt country." Maybe we can give them their own genre and call it "Fonky Twalt." Whatever you call it,you'll call it damn good. And that calls for a drink (or at least a song about drinking.) Enjoy in good health!

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