Friday, January 27, 2012

Song of the Week: Indecisive by The Minor Injuries

"Indecisive" by The Minor Injuries is a great alt-country song - No, it's a great roots rock song. As you can tell, I still haven't sorted out this subgenre pigeonholing thing. But whatever you call it, Indecisive is a great, loose, lo-fi tune. Like a strangely satisfying combination of Whiskeytown and The Velvet Underground, The Minor Injuries have a great laid-back stream of consciousness feel. They're testing the waters with a self titled EP. The first song on the EP, "Indecisive," is a brutally honest look at one of those "on the fence" relationships. Singing, "I can't decide what to do about you. I'm just seeking out the optimum," The Minor Injuries give insight into men's committment phobias. Yes, the relationship is good enough to stay in, but what if something better comes along? Although this state of mind is no fun for either party, The Minor Injuries wax philosophic by adding, "There's no such thing as making sense out of making love." Although romance can make you indecisive at times, there's no indecision about loving this song.

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