Friday, February 17, 2012

Album of the Week: Corry Morrow Live at Billy Bob's

Cory Morrow Live at Billy Bob's is one of the most ambitious live projects I've ever seen. First, he fills the CD with over an hour of rockin' Texas honky tonkin' country. Next, he includes a DVD of the show so you can feel like you were there (and by the way, if you haven't been to Billy Bob's, get yourself to Fort Worth and check it out ASAP!) Then, he's even released a second Live at Billy Bob's CD that just features his acoustic work - and he includes a free DVD with that one as well. But the best part of Corry Morrow Live at Billy Bob's isn't its quantity, it's the quality. Song after song of authentic Texas road house music. You want drinkin' songs, he's got 'em. You want songs about cheatin' hearts, they're right here. You want random shout outs to Austin, Houston, and other Texas points of interest, tell you what! But over the energy and excitement of this live performance, Cory's lyrics still stand out. He is a true Texas Troubadour. With lines like, "I was a good kid with good intentions.Did everything that they said I should.The road to hell knows me well, now I’m finding it ain’t no damn good." Cory ponders the choice between living good and living well. On love, Cory sings, "I've searched most of my life, Just to find myself thats what Ive tried to do, but Ive spent my soul searching for you." But Cory doesn't lose sight of the really important things as he demonstrates in the show stopping closing number: "Beer." So grab a Lonestar and drink in the excitement of this great live show captured on CD!

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