Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Best Damn Country Mix - February 2012

Holly Renee Allen: Miss Christine - A righteous revelation, Lucinda Williams mixed with Janis Joplin
Gretchen Peters: Matador - Fine cowboy poetry with a Bonnie Raitt voice
Family Reunion: Dulcita - A south of the border romance in 3/4 time
The Great Unknowns: Lexington - Melodic, guitar driven alt-country brilliance
Possum Jenkins: Copper Coin - Janglin' guitars and harmoica backing irresistably optimistic lyrics
Rae Rae: Drunk Drunk - Good, good country rock with Gretchen Wilson Attitude
The Washers: Everybody But Me - Crunchy southern rock that's impossible to sit still to
Southbound Lane: Southbound Lane - Uptempo, banjo-driven Texas troubadour number; so nice they named it twice
Darrell Scott: Hopkinsville - Dwight Yokam style honky tonk number
Lew Card: Watermelon Time - John Prine wrapped in a tasty rind
The Creak: Fool's Gold - Jazzy bluegrass or bluesy jazzgrass as good as gold
The James Low Western Front: Whiskey Farmer - LoFi country blues with feeling
Cory Morrow: Hold Us Together - A love song to the world

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