Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Song of the Week: Love Finds Everyone

This week's featured song is a Valentine's gift from Cory Morrow called, "Love Finds Everyone." It is a beautiful ballad not just for those in love, but for those who hope to be. It is a song of encouragement even when we find ourselves between loves. Cory sings, "Right when you think you'll never find it, love finds everyone." Like our own song, "Hey Broken Hearted" (although with a much more uplifting title,) Cory sings a message of hope and faith from the heart of someone who has had to count on both. With a cheerful melody and some nice mandolin flourishes, "Love Finds Everyone," is a call for all of us to remember to keep our hearts open.
On behalf of Cory, and all of us at Family Reunion, we hope your hearts are filled with love this Valentine's Day!

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