Monday, October 31, 2011

Album of the Week: No Law Against Talking by Some Velvet Evening

Since we've started putting up reviews, we've been getting lots of emails from our indie country friends to include them on our blog. We're more than happy to oblige (if we can keep up the pace!) So starting this week, we'll try to feature one new album each week! To get things started, we're going to go old shcool...
This has been a good year for tradtional country music. First Patsy Cline's Winchester, VA home was finally opened to public tours, then we were treated to not one, but two new Hank Williams CDs (Lost Notebooks and The Legend Begins) Even Blake Shelton gave a nod to yesterday's country roots when he sang about Conway and Loretta in his song Honey Bee. But Some Velvet Evening goes a lot further than just mentioning the legendary Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, they channel their very spirit on every song on their new album, No Law Against Talking. From the first few bars of Still Have Your Hat, you are transported to a different era of country music (even the cover has a great retro charm.) With stripped down production and gorgeous harmonies, Some Velvet Evening captures the very essence of country music. Without elaborate arrangements, orchestration, or overdubbing, the beauty of Carrie Shepard and John Holk's voices take center stage. The two voices glide and blend effortlessly in perfect harmony. They combine to create an intimacy that enhances the lyrical story telling of this album. As almost all the songs are about relationships, the beauty and emotion of the singers add a heartfelt resonance to each tune. From the hopeful yearning of Sitll Have Your Hat ("I know you can't be gone, because I still have your hat.") to the delightfully sensuous Chore List ("I'm making you a chore list baby: 1 Do just what I say 2 undo my necklace...") and the inevitable following song, One Night of Sin, you get the feeling that you are eavesdropping on a couple's most intimate moments. Listening to this album with your sweetheart may even lead to a few intimate moments of your own!

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