Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shania Twain says "Walk a mile in my shoes"

You many recall that Shania took an unexpected tumble at last June's CMA awards on her way to present the award for male video of the year. After the event, Shania laughed off the spill, but said "I never want to see those shoes again." Now she's making good on that threat by auctioning off the (now autographed) offending footwear. Her size 6, strappy BCBG satin three inch heels are now available on Ebay for just north of $6,000. That's $1,000 per shoe size! Of course that price is liable to go up between now and August 22nd when the online auction ends. Of course Shania is putting the money to a good cause. All proceeds go to the Shania Kids Can, a Canadian non profit that helps underpriveleged kids in her home country. So if your shoe closet is in need of a six thousand dollar upgrade, or if you just want to walk in Shania's shoes (except for the glamor, and success, and fame of course) put in your bid for this piece of history. And if you can't afford the shoes, you can still afford to walk in Shania's shoes by donating to her charity.

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